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CASIA Fender Edda
CARIN Pecinska ruze

Welcome on website of our german boxer kennel Pecinska ruze, which was founded in 2000 year. Gold female Hera Ipsi Grand became founder of our kennel. She had 2 litters.

Because We always liked boxers from italian breeding In 2001 We imported quality brindle female Casia Fender Edda from Slovak republic. Her father is italian male Magnum di Massumatiko. He got many titles, also the title World winner.

We crossed Casii with male Ugolino van de Hazenberg. From this kennel We kept gold female Carin Pecinska ruze. She has no small success on our and also foreign shows and she got lot of titles.

We base our breeding on health and Náš chov stavíme na outdoorly quality dogs with good character. Always is the most beautiful look on boxer with cropped ears, but unfortunatelly now is quite nonsensely off limits to show these dogs in Czech republic.

Boxer is loyal friend into discomfort with friendly character, sincere eyes and big heart.Love boxer and he will return it manifold.

Dana a Jiri Keprtovi
Pecin 269
51757 Pecin
Czech republic

phone: 00420 494 595 589, +420 737 654 349