DEWIL (owner Dagmar Splichalova)

complete set of teeth

Dewil was born as first and the biggest puppy. He is very active and very friendly with people, dogs and all animals. He is also big footballer, regularly he goes with his owner on playing - field.

He is not afraid and is perfectly socialized. He is not only joyful companion, but also very good guard. Dasa with Martin dedicate him lot of time and care and they like a lot Dewil.

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29.04.2007 International show Praha puppy class promising Antonio di Lorenzo - Italy
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Dewil - nanny Happy boys Dewil and Elf

I am nearly adult and I am in charge of Elf´s upbringing. I must learn him everything. He is rascal, but I am intelligent and patient. I travelled to see my mother Caitu and aunt Ola. We both behaved very  fair, according to dog´s bon ton.

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I visited mother I must learn Elf everything My smile

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I am teddy bear and I love little baby Samuel.

Toegther with Elf We visited Mamuti skala and with Fionka We tryed pull dogsledge with little musher Aja. We were skilful.

Happy Dewil with Elf and friend during dog´s games