DRAGA (owners Anci and Henrik Emanuelsson)

complete set of teeth, DKK 0/0 (HD A), DLK 0/0 (elbows normal) , eye tests neagative - year 2009
DNA tested for longcoatgene

Draga extended big family in swedish kennel Cahppes. She has lot of malamute friends and also she is friend with lapphunds. It is old swedish breed, determinated for pulling of sledge.

Draga is active and joyful female, she loves a lot children.

More photos of Draha You can find on address http://malamuter.cahppes.com.

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23.05.2007 SPHK Östersund Sweden BOS PUPPY Petr Harald Nymark Norway

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Draga participates successfully in working with team of kennel Cahppes. Go, Chappes, go!

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24.9.2009 Draga became mother of 8 wonderful puppies

Draga is proud and great mother of beautiful and show successful puppies

Draga (first on the left)