DRUID (the owner Vladimir Vrastil, kennel Zelezny vrch)

complete set of teeth, HD A/A

Marie and Vladimir Vrastilovi, Palackeho 77, 507 13 Zeleznice offer Druid like stud dog, he became stud male from 18.05.2008!
Contact +420 732 180 740, +420 603 544 645, http://www.zeleznyvrch.cz, mail vladimir.vrastil@o2active.cz ,  vramari@seznam.cz

There was a one musher and he got little Druid as Christmas present. Druid is from puppy age prepared for show carier and when he will be little older, he will be support for malamute team of his owner in musher club Jicin http://jicin.mushing.cz  Druid´s best friends are malamutes Andy Polarni usvit and  Fortuna Vlci severu, newfoundland Bessy and bichon  Arny. Druid is very lovely, intelligent, teachable. His family, Majda, Vlada and children are a lot together with him and care for him to get from him right malamute boy.
As 6 years old He participated in puppy class on International show in Praha, Club and Special show in Roznov pod Radhostem and always he was very promising.
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29.04.2007 International show Praha puppy class very promising Antonio di Lorenzo I
12.05.2007 Club show Roznov pod Radhostem puppy class very promising Renata Seidlova
13.05.2007 Special show Roznov pod Radhostem puppy class very promising Libuše Pavlíkova
20.05.2007 International show Litomerice puppy class very promising ing. Olga Dolejsova
22.07.2007 National show Mlada Boleslav young cl. exc. 1, CAJC Pawel Szemraj - PL
07.10.2007 International show Ceske Budejovice young cl. exc. 2 Mrs.Libuse Ubrova
from 20.10. 2007 Druid participate in races of dog teams in cathegory C2 together with female Andy Polarni usvit
13.04.2008 National show Ostrava young class excellent 1, CAJC Pawel Szemraj PL
17.05.2008 Club show KSP Msec   excellent 1, CAC Lenka Frncova
18.05.2008 CAC show KSP   excellent 1, CAC Renata Seidlova
25.05.2008 International show Litomerice   excellent 1, CAC Guido Schäfer D
29.06.2008 Intercanis Brno   excellent 2 ing. Ivana Sibrtova
31.08.2008 International show Mlada Boleslav   excellent 2, res. CAC Petr Broukal
Druid fulfiled conditions for working certificate
17.05.2009 National show Jelenia Gora   excellent 1, CWC Ewa Marcinkowska PL
23.05.2009 International show Litomerice   excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB, 3. BIG P. Marova-Spoustova
04.07.2009 CAC show KSP Cervena stran      excellent 1, CAC Mgr. Bozena Ovesna
27.09.2009 International show Wroclaw   excellent 1, CWC A. Szutkiewicz PL
05.07.2010 show KSP Msec working cl. excellent 1 P. Marova CZ

2.-3.10. 2010 Hrobská jízda C2 1st place
6.-7.11.2010 Jicín pod zebínem MID A 1st place
13.-14.11.2010 Tocník MB2 1st place
18.-21.2010 European Championship Reingers Austria MDC 2nd place
27.-28.2010 Belec nad Orlicí MID 2nd place
25.-29.1.2011 Šediváckuv long 222km 4th place
10.2.-13.2.2011 World championship Donovaly SK sprint 8th place
5.3.-6.3.2011 Eduard u Jáchymova MID 1st place

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In winter 2008 Druid and female Andy Polarni usvit successfully participated on expedition in north part of Finland.

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Druid (on the left) fulfiled together with females Polarni usvit WORKING CERTIFICATE.

Druid with owners - Vlada and Vlada junior





ICH. Just Fur Fun Shamanrock 

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Kid De Soto De Riofrio
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CH. Storm Kloud's Legend Continues 
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Blue Ice Queen Shamanrock ICH. Rex Cold Valley of Keema´s Wolf Pak
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CH. Cold Valley´s My-Favorite-Bijou
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FIRE BIRD Shamanrock
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Kipmik´s Going My Way
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ALYSHEBA Shamanrock
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AJUGA Lokomotiva severu CS
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