ESKYMO (owner: Ivana Seidlerova a Marek Kratky)

From puppy age The most favourite activity of Eskymo is shaft sinking in the garden. Surely He will rake up some treasure to Iva and Marek. His friend for walkings and playing is malamut Falco. Eskymo rib and nibble him all the time. Click for enlargement


13.04.2008 National show Ostrava very promising Pawel Szemraj PL

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Eskymo participates in all sporting activieties of his family. Already as little puppy in rucksack during hiking, as body - builder and as gymnast on the trip.

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Eskymo is very sociable.

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"It is my owner Iva and I love her a lot."

"it is my little owner Risa, I love him a lot"