Our females:

Inna od Mamuti skaly

born: 8.12.2012

breeding female
18.6.2015 eye tests DOCH negative
test for gene of long hair - she isn´t carrier of gene for long hair


17.05.2015 CAC show KSP Mechenice   Exc. 1, CAC judge : Peter Mazura Austria

Sport - race of dog teams
30.11.-1.12.2013 Belec n/Orlici   kathegory prichozi CCW  6,21km   1st place 14,54 km/hour
16.8.2014 Triatlon Sadská 150m swimming, 5,2 km scooter, 4,6 km running in time 0:53:19
22.-23.11.2014 MID MCR Belec nad Orlicí MSC2 22,6 km 18th place average speed 12,34 km/hour
17.4.2016 Pyselsky kopecek( several hills) canicross 10,5 km  time 1:06:23    6th place, Standa Kyncl
5.-6.11.2016 Royal Canin Sprint a Mid Stochov MSC2   2x14 km   9th place average speed 12,89km/hour Z.Kynclová
19.-20.11.2016 MR Hradecký Mid Belec n/Orlicí MSC2  2x 22,6km  13th place average speed 11,98km/hour Z.Kynclová
4.12.2016 Hon na Mikuláše Loucen CC 4km 19th place time 00:17:10 S.Kyncl
14.4.2017 Kaniko Hon na Beránka Klánovice CCW Z.Kynclová st. 00:24:45  42th place
30.9.2017 canicross Hon na Václava 4 km Klánovice  27th place  00:19:21 Standa Kyncl
8.10.2017 canicross Šestajovická šestka  6 km  4th place  00:34:20  Zuzana Kynclová senior
19.11. 2017 Moldavsky halfmaraton Z.Kynclová senior distance 6 km, time 00:37:19 8th place women
25.3.2018 canicross Kaniko Hon na beránka St.Boleslav   4 km time 00:20:34   Z.Kynclová senior

Fionka od Mamuti skaly

nickname: Fia
born: 6.1.2009

HD A/A, height 60cm

3.5.2012 test on eye hereditary problems with negative result
6.2.2014 - 6.2.2015 eyes clear

04.07.2009 CAC show KSP Cervena stran       Very promising Mgr. Bozena Ovesna
27.03.2010 Club show KSP Praha young class Excellent 4 Iuza Beradze GEO
20.06.2010 MVP Intercanis young class Exc.1, CAJC Barbosov Kirill RUS
30.06.2012 CAC show KSP Samopse   Exc.2, res. CAC Petr Broukal
06.04.2014 Club show Praha Mechenice open class Exc.1, CAC judge Dave Kilillea - GB
28.04.2018 Club show KSP Nova Zivohost veteran cl. Exc.1 judge Buratti Pierluigi Italy
29.04.2018 Club show KSP Nova Zivohost veteran cl. Exc.1 judge Palconer Marie Ann USA

Sport - race of dog teams
6.-7.11.2010 Jicín pod Zebínem BKJM sprint 5200m 1.kolo 18:50 2.kolo 22:33 8th place
13.11.10 Tocník SC11 sprint 7 000m 41:27 min 8th place
15.-16.10.2011 Bono 2011 CCW 5th place 5230m 1.kolo 00:24:46 2.kolo 00:24:13
22.-23.10.2011 Sprint na Hornabergu BKJM 8th place 6700m 1.kolo 00:25:12:19, 2.kolo 00:27:41:15
5.-6.11.2011 Jicín pod Zebínem CCW 5300m 2nd place 1.kolo 00:24:50 2.kolo 00:25:22

26. - 27.11. 2011 Hradecký Mid kategorie BKJM 6,21km 1.kolo 0:20:34, 2.kolo 0:20:37 18th place
18.8.2012 triatlon Sadská - title IRON DOG - 150m swimming, 5,2km bicycle, 4,6km run - 1:09:03 with Radek Pelikan
24.4.2017 charitable hurdle Vlkodlak Race CCW kat. senior Z.Kynclová senir 00:39:03    7th place
30.9.2017 canicross Hon na Václava 4 km Klánovice  34th place  00:24:34  Zuzana Kynclová senior


ICH. Just Fur Fun Shamanrock 

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Kid De Soto De Riofrio
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CH. Storm Kloud's Legend Continues 
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Blue Ice Queen Shamanrock ICH. Rex Cold Valley of Keema´s Wolf Pak
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CH. Cold Valley´s My-Favorite-Bijou
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FIRE BIRD Shamanrock
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Kipmik´s Going My Way
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ALYSHEBA Shamanrock
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AJUGA Lokomotiva severu CS
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Ch.Owyhee Shamanrock

nickname: Olinka
born: 17.08.2004
complete set of teeth
height 57cm
from 25.10.2006 to 25.10.2007 eyes tests (PRA) - negative
18.5.2009 eye tests - negative, 25.11.2010 eye tests - negative
21.11.2011 eye tests - eyes clear

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18.09.2005 Special show Svojanov excellent 3 (young cl.) Guido Schäfer - D
09.10.2005 International show C.Budejovice excellent 1 (young cl.) Tibor Havelka - SK
15.04.2006 Club showKSP Praha Vinor res. CAC (interm.cl.) Nancy C. Russell - USA
16.04.2006 CAC Show KSP Praha Vinor excellent 4 (interm.cl.) P. Broukal
23.04.2006 International show C.Budejovice excellent 1 (interm.cl.) T. Havelka - SK
30.04.2006 International show Praha excellent 3 (interm.cl.) M.Maruskova
07.05.2006 Regional show Lysa n.Labem excellent (interm.cl.) P. Rehanek
21.05.2006 International show Litomerice excellent 1, CAC (interm.cl.) F. Klindrup - Denmark
25.06.2006 International show Brno excellent 1, CAC (interm.cl.) ing. L. Jancik
03.09.2006 International show Mlada Boleslav excellent 2, res. CAC Pawel Szemraj - PL
24.09.2006 National show Brno excellent 1, CAC ing.H.Blatonova - CZ
19.11.2006 International show Praha excellent 3 Adolf Ringer  A
13.01.2007 CACIB Ljubljana - Slovenija excellent 1, CAC Hans Müller CH
22.04.2007 International show C.Budejovice excellent 1, CAC, res. CACIB ing.Leos Jancik
29.04.2007 International show Praha excellent 2, res. CAC Antonio di Lorenzo I
12.05.2007 Club show Roznov pod Radhostem excellent 2, res. CAC Renata Seidlova
10.06.2007 European dog show Zagreb Croatia excellent Sean Delmar IRL
29.03.2008 Nitracanis Slovak republic excellent 2, res. CAC Erwin Deutcher A
20.04.2008 International show Ceske Budejovice excellent 2, res. CAC ing. Hana Blatonová
27.04.2008 International show Opole PL excellent Yolanda Nagler Magal Izrael
17.05.2008 Club show KSP Msec excellent 2, res. CAC Lenka Frncová
18.05.2008 CAC show KSP excellent 1, CAC Renata Seidlová
06.06.2008 National show Senec SK excellent 1, CAC, BOB Dusan Paunovic Serbia
29.06.2008 Intercanis Brno excellent 1, CAC, CACIB ing. Ivana Sibrtova
23.08.2008 NDS Innsbruck Alpencup 2008 Austria excellent 1, CACA Mag.S. Schreiböck Austria
05.10.2008 Club show Budapest excellent 3 (from 13 females) Wendy G.Willhauck USA
01.11.2008 International show Nitra res. CAC Otakar Vondrous CZ
08.11.2008 International show Poznan excellent 1, CWC Vija Klucniece Latvia
29.11.2008 International show Zagreb Cratia exc.1, CAC, res. CACIB Erwin Deutcher A
30.11.2008 International show Zagreb Croatia exc.1, CAC, res. CACIB, Zagreb Winner and Winner of the middle and eastern European Cup Jean Lanning GB
06.12.2008 International show Wels exc.1, CACA, res. CACIB Mag. Stefanie Schreiböck A
07.12.2008 International show Wels exc.1, CACA, res. CACIB Heidi Kirschbichler A
28.03.2009 Nitracanis SK excellent 1 Miroslav Vaclavik
12.04..2009 Club show KSP Zbraslav excellent 3 MVDr.Frantisek Simek
09.05..2009 International show Bratislava excellent 2, res. CAC Oleg Jancev RUS
10.05..2009 International show Bratislava excellent 1, CAC Lenka Frncova
05.06.2009 National show Senec excellent 1, CAC Jozef Mravik SK
Owyhee fulfiled conditions for the title Slovak champion
07.06.2009 International show Nitra excellent 1 Leszek Siejkowski PL
Club champion
06.04.2014 Club show Praha Mechenice excellent 2 judge Dave Kilillea - GB
16.04.2016 Club show KSP Mechenice excellent 3 (veteran class) Gay Kuehnel-Hisatake USA
06.05.2017 Club show KSP Nová Zivohost excellent 1, BOV, the oldest dog of the show (veteran class)  


Ch., Jch. Brad Pitt del Lago degli Orsi Ch. Pandizucchero del Lago degli Orsi Ch. Poker Flat`s Yukon Law
Ch.Storm Kloud`s Can`t Catch Me
Storm Kloud`s Oonly The Best Storm Kloud`s Aall Systems Go
Storm Kloud`s Witchkraft
Ch. Favourite Bijou Shamanrock Ch.Kipmik`s Going My Way Ch. Kipmik`s Direct Action
Ch. Kipmik`s Ain`t She Sweet
Ch. Blessed Love Montego CS Ich., Storm Kloud`s Cccyrus Rex Valae
Ich., Ch. Conny na Horence CS