Kaniko Hon na Beranka 2017 Nucek and Ina Vlkodlak Race 2017 Fionka Olinka and her Birthday 17.8.2017
Hon na Mikuláše 2016 Ski running 2017 Hon na Mikuláše 2016 - Inna a Nuk
Aja and Owyhee Shamanrock Misa and Owyhee Shamanrock
Triatlon Sadská 2014 - swimming, bicycle and running
Nucek close to goal Inna, still waiting for running
Inna on races MID
Belec nad Orlici
Nuk and MD Belec 2014 Nucek

archive family photo - from the left Inna, Fionka, Enormous a Caitu

Fionka with Inna on Club show Veteran Owyhee on Club show
Inna and her first race
in Belec nad Orlici
Nuk on MCZ in Mid
in Belec nad Orlici
Aja and Nuk
on races in Jicin pod Zebinem
Zuzka junior and Nuk
Bono 2013

Zuzka Kynclová junior and Nuk -
6th place race Bono Cerveny Kostelec 2012

Fionka and Inna (7 months) od Mamuti skaly
on children´s camp of basic school Velké Popovice 2013
Enormous Nugget Polarni usvit
Zagreb 2012 Croatia
Enormous on the race in Belec nad Orlicí 2012
2x photos from galleries of Lucka Wegnerova , Hanka and Vojta Nemec, kennel Zasnezene udoli
Zuzka Kynclová ml. and Nucek,
races Podbrdský canicross in Dobris

from archive of Katka Kurakova
Races Jicin pod Zebínem 2012,
Nucek and Zuzka Kynclová ml.
alias lot of mud in Jicin, canicross 1st place
Bono Cerveny Kostelec 2012
from photogallery Petr and Romana Zasadilovi
from club Metuje
Sprint on Hornaberg 2012
from gallery of ing. Martin Brzek

18.8.2012 triatlon Sadska for title Iron dog organized by

Enormous with competitress Zuzka Kynclova junior Fionka with competitor Raded Pelikan

Races Jicin pod Zebinem 2011, Zuzka Kynclova jr. and Fionka

Hradecky Mid 2011,
Enormous Nugget Polarní usvit with owner on 23 km long distance, from archive of Monika Sturmova, Mirek Jezek and Hanka Nemcova

5.-6.11.2011 First races of Aja with Fionka in Jicin pod Zebinem

Nucek and Svatováclavské ježdení Mladá Boleslav 2011

Fionka BONO 2011 Nucek BONO 2011
from archive of husbands Zasadilovi club Metuje, Stejskalovi club Kladno and S.Kyncl
Trip with Nucek - 25km,
near of Velkopopovicko
Trip - Bohemian Forrest, 17km,
Olinka and Nucek

10.9.2011 Kennel Star of Yukon organized meeting of malamutes in Orlicke hory
Fionka, Famoza a Cheiron participated from our kennel

7.5.2011 With Nucek and Fiona on the mountain Milesovka

Nucek on races in Belec nad Orlici 2010 puppy Nucek and Aja

26.11.2010 Lucinka celebrated 15th birthday.

Fionka on races 2010

Nucek on races 2010
Nusek loves caressingj and his
3rd place on Euro Dog Show Celje

Trip to eventful mountain Blanik with Fionka and Nucek

Trip to park Pruhonice with Ola and Nucek

4.4.2010. We went with Nucek and Fionka into ZOO in Prague

Enormous Nugget Polarni usvit (on the left) and Etna od Mamuti skaly