Hundred Miles
called Mailísek

owner Jutta Dörsam Germany

10.12.2011 National show Kassel Exc.2 - judge Klaus Strack DE
14.1.2012 International show Norimberk Exc.3 - judge Klaus Strack DE
24.9.2011 Hockenheim - very promising 1 - judge Barbara Bruns
25.9.2011 Hockenheim - very promising 1 - judge Gabriela Richard
2.10.2011 Betzenstein - very promising 1 Beste Jüngsten - judge Susanne Faust

Mailísek is fulfiled dream of Jutta. She lives in great family with friend male Laky. She go into puppy school, she loves to swimm and every day she surprises her owners Jutta, Hans and Jana with her cleverness.

1st show very promising 1
2.10.2011 Cllub show Betzenstein - very promising 1 and Beste Jüngsten klasse

Hundred Miles wood-cutter