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Our pack spreaded about very friendly, clever and untiring workder Enormous Nugget Polarni usvit, which we have in co-ownership with kennel Polarni usvit and about happy, friendly and hardworking female Fionka from our breeding.

This is how it started – me and my dog DDagon and me, click for enlargementagon.
We lived in the house with my daddy and my three brothers when I got married. We had a small doggie “Sánek” who lived there with us. We thought it would be nice to call him by an Indian name “Dog that can jump everything and escape every time”. He was a very loyal dog. In his looks he was notably close to the northern dogs, but his father and the parents of his mother were unknown. One day Sánek was taking a walk on his own and was hit by a car. So, we decided to buy a German shepherd – the watch dog for our large garden and the barns. “Betynka” was a pet for all of the family and she was “great” watch dog! She would be happy to see some thieves and she would lick them and invite them in. During her training as a watch dog, she didn´t like to bite on the arm in the exercise area and he also didn´t like the drill – sit down, lie down etc.  Meanwhile, a wolf-grey female German shepherd wandered to our home and our children gave her name “Asta”. She was injured when she arrived; we had to pull a wire from her leg. We took great care of her and got her all of her vaccinations, and once she was in good health we found a new family for her.

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Dagon a já Sánek

I have found a beautiful dog in a magazine! This was a magical moment when I found him. It was an Alaskan Malamute and he demonstrated freedom and romance. I desperately wanted to buy this puppy. So, I worked hard to save my money and even sold our wedding rings so that I could buy him. Unfortunately, “Argona Golden Bard” was stolen after her first successful show. More dogs of other breeds where stolen in that time as well. After this heart breaking experience we built a kennel where we put the dogs while they sleep at night, and when the females are in heat. All other times of the day, they run free in the garden under the bedroom window. An article was printed in the newspapers “Blesk” about our experience with the stolen dog. Some people saw this article and brought us a female “Amika Amko” because they could no longer care for her. At this time we also bought another female “Arina u Olafu” .
Kennel “Od Mamutí Skály” was registered in the year 1992. We heard a caption on the radio for running with the dogs and so we went to greenw
Click for enlargementood in Hostivar, where we met Fanda Burda - the pioneer in canicross in our country. So we started with many races, triathlons, duathlons and bikejörings. We have met many great people and the fans of these sports with the dogs – Jarka Slavatová, Renata and Honza Horák, Jarka and Vítek Procházka, Eva and Radek Loucka, Katka PaleckováClick for enlargement, Jirka Klesal, Ivan Houžvicka and many others. Sorry to all that I didn´t name here.
 I tried real mushing in the winter in “Komárí Vížka” close to the city Vrchlabí with the midnight mushing but, I am not the competitive type and I get much more pleasure from the nature in the meadows and woods around our house. We taught our daughters Zuzka and Kvetka, how to sport and love the dogs. I think they have nice memories for their childhood. They slept in the tent in the winter cap under the blankets, ate from the mess tin and traveled in old car, a Skoda 105, on the back saddle with two drooling malamute females. We were used to going on trips during the holidays. Riding on the bicycles bedecked by the sleeping bags, water and all necessary things to stay alive, with the maps and running dogs we were always in the center of attention with other people. The dogs always got the fanciest bread from the woman in the booth and the camp custodian didn´t count the dogs and the bikes. I feel meeting with the northern dogs sparked the heart of romantic people.
We took another male in the year 1995 and Alysheba Shamanrock came to us too. We also started to do the shows with the dogs in that time. Our male Codiak, stayed at home from our
Click for enlargementlitter C. He is a strong dog for sledging and as well as his sister Caitu, who also stayed at home to continue in the kennel “od Mamutí skály”. The last member of our pack at this time was female Owyhee Shamanrock, she is a molly coddle of our family. She grew up together with our granddaughter Ája and they are fixed one another.
 We all try to sport with our dogs according to our time and physical possibilities. Our daughter Zuzka goes jogging with the dogs, my husband Standa rides on the bike with them, me on the scooter and we are mushing in the winter. We go walking with Ája and the dogs frequently. We also try to teach her how to take care of the dogs. We show her how to handle them on the show and to mush them. We love to go with our malamutes on trips in Czech and explore the wonderful nature.
I must also say that my husband took great care of the dogs together with the veterinary doctor MVDr. Mikoška when he was in army. Later, he could apply this knowledge to our dogs. I am absolvent of agricultural school and I have had experiences only with the horses, but, I am really interested in cynology and I try to learn everything about the dogs. I have many friends thanks to our dogs.  We have many funny stories together but also emotions. 

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Thanks to Jana Hynkova, kennel Polarni usvit and Jennifer Bouchard, owner of Achilla-Edwin od Mamuti skaly for translation.