We commemorate:

Caitu od Mamuti skaly - Camuska (29.10.2002 - 06.08.2013)  


Camuska left us and with us stayed her daughter Fionka, about which Camuska fostered and her and grandaughter Innuska, which Camuska loved from puppy age, they were together exemplary dog family. Although Camuska didn´t passed many shows, she was our all the time happy blond sun. Camuska, our darling, we and our dog family miss you a lot.

Alysheba Shamanrock - Lucinka (26.11.1995 - 23.12.2010)  

HD A/A, CAJC, CAC, 4x Res.CAC, 2x BIS veteran

Lucinka, our smiling sun, mother of Bow, Codiak and Caitu was patient grandmother and educator of our puppies from litters D,E,F and G. She absolved many canicrosses, bikejörings, iron dogs and also races of dogs teams in cathegory C. Thanks to her calm character She was blood donor and helped to save life of other dos. She lived with us 15 years and we never will forget about this brave and vital dog.

BELIEVE THE WIN Montego CS Storm Kloud´s Ccyrus Rex Valae Storm Kloud´s Keep the Win
Sno Ridge´s Special Sugarbear
CONNY na Horence CS Xefalu Ipuk di Latina
Cold Valley´s My-Favorite-Bijou
AJUGA Lokomotiva severu CS Xefalu Ipuk di Latina Jouretnuit
Latina Blue of Borakis Line
ENJY od Pulnocního slunce CS Jotom´s Mescalero

JCh. Codiak od Mamuti skaly (29.10.2002 – 2.7.2008)  

nick name: Kodynek, Kokik, Kodas

Codynek forsaken us quite unexpectedly before his 6th birthday. Our family and also dog pack lose obedient and hardworking friend, drafter of slider, partner for jogging and companion for dog games. Codiak was bear with lof hair, the children could do with him everything and he loved above all his human and dog family. Although He fulfiled conditions for the title Czech juniorchampion, he did not like shows. He accompanied us on many family walking tours in our country and he was happy from this. Never We will forget about him.

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Arina u Olafu (20.11.1992 - 29.12.2005 )  

nick name: Marenka

Very brave and patient female. She helped us with up-bringing of puppies, absolved lot of canicross and bikejoring, thanks to her excellent manageability in child`s cathegories. She was ideal companion of walking tours and mushroom. She was calm and armchair malamut, which loved people, especially children.

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Navaho del Monte Heritage KB Tribut of Chinok Mesquite of Timok
Kotzebue Taku of Chinok
Jouka - Jouwiniak of Keewating Baffin´s Magic Dragon
Cold Valleys´s Ewika
Aiko Polarnií noc Xefalu Ipuk di Latina Jouretnuit D´Haut - Gommont
Latina Blue of Borakis Line
Binna od Pulnocniho slunce Assai Volani divociny
Aljaška Alberta

Amika Amko (female, 13.9.1992 - 12.8.2002)

nick name: Misanek

Mother of our first puppies. She came to us as six-month old bitch. She participated at several canine triatlons - Irony Dog (swimming, riding and running with a dog), Cannincross, Skijöring. Although she did not excel at speed, she was diligent like a wheelhorse when drawing sledges and barrows loaded with wood from neighbouring forests.

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