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  • We are very happy from all photos, which the owners of our puppies send to us.

Buddy Cathy Camellia
  • Betty celebrated 5th Birthday :-)

  • Merry Christmas and happy new year 2019 !

  • We are very happy from all photos, which the owners of our puppies send to us.

Comtess Benny Oscar Bethany Arnie
  • The puppies already live in their new families in Czech republic, Alaska, Denmark,
    Slovenia and Poland. Thanks a lot to all owners for news and photos.

Carla Cindy Oscar Cassie
Comtess Catty Catelijn
Camellia Cynia Cleopatra with father
  • The puppies are 7 weeks old.

  • The puppies are 4 weeks old. They play a lot together, they already also eat dry food
    and loves to be caressed.

  • 3.8.2018 - 10 beautiful puppies were born - 1 boy and 9 girls.

  • Beautiful male from Denmark travelled to our Bettty for mating, if all will go fine, the puppies should be born in August.

  • The puppies from our litter B celebrated their 1st Birthday.

  • Big success on shows has female Bella Tornádo Erben, which lives in Poland. She participated several
    times in puppy class with valuation very promising 1 and than also 2x in young class
    with great result 2x Young winner + 2x Best of Breed.

  • Betty is happy from Christmas :-)

  • The puppies are 9 weeks old, all are reserved and slowly start to travel to new owners.

  • Huge success of male Arnie Tornádo Erben on Regional show in Brno (29.7.2017). Arnie was excellent 1,
    class winner, Regional winner and in final He became 3rd best dog of 7th FCI group
    . Congratulations
    a lot to the owners :-)

  • The puppies are 7 weeks old and are running and playing all the time :-), available three girls.

  • The puppies were for the first time outside. They are 3 weeks old and already have also the names.

  • Betty has puppies, more informations here.

  • We have great news :-) The pregnancy of our Bety is confirmed, the puppies will be born on the start of June 2017.

  • more photos of our Bety You will find here

  • Video of Arnie Tornado Erben HERE   

  • The puppies from our litter A celebrated 1st Birthday (dne 16.2.2017).

  • Our Betty celebrated 3rd Birthday .

  • Our article about stabyhoun was published in dog´s magazine PES PRITEL CLOVEKA.

  • PF 2017

  • Video - what we learned with Betty untill now - HERE    

  • Arnie Tornádo Erben participated on regional show with great result - very promising 1
    (9th regional show Brno – ebetin 30.7.2016)


  • 6.8.2016 We participated on Regional show in Kladno with our Betty with great results:
    exc.1, class winner, REGIONAL WINNER

  • At the end of June we attended with our Betty a Summer Agility Camp, which was organized and led
    by Eliška Dolnícková and Natálka Kopperová. We spent there five amazing days, that we enjoyed a lot.
    We learnt a lot there. There didn´t miss a fun, pleasant people and beautiful dogs.

  • All puppies already live in their new great families.

  • The puppies were with their mother in the nature for the first time, more photos here

  • New photos of available boys here

  • The puppies enjoy spring summer :-)

  • The puppies are 19 days old, video is here

  • The puppies are 2 weeks old and start to play and run :-)

  • The puppies are 12 days old, slowly start to open they eyes

  • We mated our Betty directly in Netherlands, more informations here.

  • Our Betty became 1st breeding staby in Czech republic.

  • Betty sucessfully passed test of hunting abilities in 1st price.

  • We participated with Betty on summer training camp oriented on obedience, agility and dogdancing

  • Betty passed breeding test with result CANDIDATE OF BREEDING

  • Betty participated on regional show with result: excellent 1, class winner, REGIONAL WINNER


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